Monday, September 1, 2014

My Adventure to: Koreatown, Los Angeles

Did you guys have an amazing Summer? (well..technically the season's not over yet)

I sure did! =) Though I'm no longer a full time student who has Summer vacation... I still managed to make my Summer very plentiful and exciting! haha

One of the places that I explored this Summer was Koreatown!! It's not the first time that I have been there, but in the past, what I did was more so stay in a plaza for the entire visit and just end the journey there. This time I actually got the opportunity to walk around the streets and really get a feel of Koreatown! =)

SELFIE TIME!!! (Obviously!) This is me on my way to Koreatown! I wore pretty light makeup that day. I decided to go a little thicker with the eyeliner and balanced that out with some nudish pink lips! (Sorry about the messy hair btw...=) )

The amount of times I have visited Koreatown does not even add up to 5 fingers, so I still felt quite foreign to the place. haha My friend and I had quite a headache trying to find the places we planned on going to, and ended up parking on the curb locating where we were. Despite the hassle, we were rewarded with the accompany of such pretty scenery and buildings! =)

The first place I visited - Madang Plaza Shopping Mall
This is going to be repetitive, but as said in the caption above, the first placed I visited was the Madang Plaza! The plaza was extremely pretty and gave a very welcoming impression. It was however, a little smaller than I imagined, but nonetheless, I still enjoyed my time there.

Such pretty steps!

Walking in...I was immediately welcomed by Mr. Nichkhun of 2PM (OMG..can't believe I spelled his name right on the first try!!), so of course I had to take a picture with him! =) 

This is an overall picture of what one side of Madang Plaza looks like. (Definitely does not do the plaza justice lol) The plaza kinda reminded me of a school campus, and where I stood would be the courtyard. There was a Daiso, Paris Baguette, Curry House, CGV Cinema, and many other stores that I don't know the name of: restaurants, cosmetic stores, boba tea houses & book stores!

I didn't end up buying anything at this plaza, but I did get to try Curry House for the very first time!

And here's me... posing with the curry house menu haha. =) What do you guys usually order there? 

There were so many options to choose from! I love how literally every dish came with a picture! 

The meal started with salad as an appetizer.
 (The dressing was amazing... wish I knew where to buy it!)

My friend ordered a Hayashi Omelette Rice
Super delicious and it looked exactly like how the picture on the menu did! =) 

I ordered the Tarako & Ika Japanese Style Spaghetti.
Again, this dish looked exactly like the picture and tasted amazing! (I love fishy I wouldn't recommend this dish to you if you're not a fishy foodie like me =)..this was probably even fishier than tuna from a can!) 

happy happy happy!!!!

My friend had planned on going to a specific cafe in Koreatown near Madang Plaza, but because we were so stuffed, we decided to take a stroll around the area. We passed by countless stores and a few small plazas, but eventually decided to head back since the weather was blazing hot that day. 

The cafe that I've been dying to try is Caffe Bene!
I've walked by it once before...but sadly didn't get to experience it... so I guess you can say that going to this cafe was one of the highlights of my day!

The exterior and entrance was completely made of glass. Each glass panel featured amazing decals of the cafe's drinks and desserts, which made going in even more irresistible.. especially on a hot Summer day! 

Had to take a picture of their doorknob! Isn't this the coolest one you've ever seen? (At least for me it was! =) )

I loved and still love the overall ambiance of this place; it gave a super low-key yet cool vibe! The entire interior dominated with two types of textures: cement & wood. I think wood was the accent that completed the whole ambiance though... there were wooden bookshelves, walls, chairs, tables, counters... you name it! =) 

I'll just let the pictures do it's own talk from the ones on. Enjoy! =) 

I'm such a huge fan of K-pop and Korean dramas, so it always excites me whenever I see ads with actors and idols that I am familiar with!

The prices definitely weren't cheap, but I think the overall experience was definitely worth it! Can you guess which one was mine? 

My friend ordered the Affogato Vanilla Ice-Cream! Maybe I'm super deprived..but I've never seen ice-cream eaten that way! (But now I have!)

Cool Right? =)

And here's mine.. the Misugaru Latte! Definitely less exciting, but it was nonetheless super yummy... and might I say.. healthy?! 

After enjoying our drinks at Caffe Bene, we went to the last stop of our journey.. the Koreatown Galleria! I've actually been to this place a few times, so I really wanted to share it with my friend! I didn't get a chance to take many pictures here, but I guess that's alright, right? =) The galleria had 3 stories! 1st- Super Market, 2nd - Shopping & 3rd - Shopping and Food Court! 

Went into a cosmetic store on the 2nd floor!
Couldn't help but take a picture with Ms. Park Shin favorite Korean Actress of all time!

And here's a picture of Son Na Eun from A-Pink! My friend actually purchased a lip-tint from the brand she's endorsed in! 

We saved the Super Market visit for last, and surprisingly had one of the most enjoyable times there! Food always excites me, and it didn't help to be surrounded with free samples all over the place!

I have to admit that I am a foodie...and snacks always excite me! My favorite aisle was the snack section of course and omgosh did I want to buy everything they had there! 

They had a lot of sales going on... and I regret not buying more! haha 

And guess what I found???? GREEN TEA KIT KAT... probably my favorite chocolate ever! I couldn't believe how cheap it was too! $4.99!! I went to Glendale Galleria the other day, and they sold it for over $10!! 

They even sold the coolest looking Cheetohs!

And my childhood corn chips! 

Outside of the Koreatown Galleria supermarket was a bakery that I have no idea what the name is! My family loves the Red Bean Sugar donuts from this place, so I bought a few for them as souvenirs!

And that's the end of the journey and Koreatown Galleria! As you can see I didn't end up buying that much stuff! Fun Fact: I was debating on whether to show you guys this picture cause I look so awkward in it..but then I decided.. "Why Not?".

So that basically concludes my adventure in Koreatown, Los Angeles! Maybe it's been too long since I've posted an adventure entry...but I think this is by far the longest one yet! Truthfully, there were slightly frustrating times that day, since we were unfamiliar with streets and parking. Nonetheless all of it was part of a valuable experience, and I felt happy to have established so many wonderful memories! 

Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope to share more adventures with you guys in the future! 

- xoxo, 

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Latest Read & Movie: THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

(Left Side) Novel Cover & (Right Side) Movie Poster
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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.... how should I put this? I've never been a huge fan of 
reading.. but this book really got me hooked. Instead of taking forever to finish this novel, it took me a compilation of a probably around 5-7 hours to finish. I'm not sure if that's considered fast or slow...but for someone who's never enjoyed reading, it definitely says something about how amazing the book a was to me. 

I'm not sure how I should even begin, because how heartfelt and amazing this book had me feel is beyond words explanation. Just in a nutshell this novel tells of a love story between two people, a 16 year old cancer patient, Hazel Grace Lancaster, and a 17 year old cancer survivor, Augustus Waters, who has an amputation. I'm not going to spoil any further details regarding this story, but what I will advise you guys to do is keep a box of Kleenex next to you for both the book and the movie. LOL

Anyway, I used to be really sensitive as a kid and always cried during touching moments in movies, but I slowly grew out of that side of me as I aged. I would have never expected that both the book and the movie would hit home so hard that I would end up downing 5 pieces of tissues in lightening speed. 

What's so amazing about this book? Not only was it beautifully written and composed, but the story itself is extremely inspirational. There were numerous of times that I had to step away mentally to reflect on my life and my own relationships. It's so easy to have complaints, to be unsatisfied, to worry, to be distraught, to be angered, and to take people and things for granted. Sometimes we are so busy focusing on the negatives that we don't take the time to celebrate life... to realize how lucky we are. Many like me grew up with a healthy body, free from any diseases. We get upset and stressed over so many things, small or big to us, but we don't take the time to realize that "hey, at least we have another chance." Some people like Hazel Grace can't even live without relying on an oxygen tank to help her breath, someone like Hazel Grace who has no idea whether today is going to be her last day of living because her lungs are going to fail on her. However, it's a character like Hazel Grace who really opened up my eyes and really really really reminded me of how amazing my life is, and how lucky I am to be able to walk, run, laugh, and just live day to day without any physical difficulties. She as well as everyone in the world who suffer remotely what she goes through in the story are amazing... people like her celebrate life not morne about death. They focus on the moments they have, not the moments they have lost... they focus on the quality of life not the quantity of it. 

I've seen and learned so much from the book: Positivity, Heroism, Appreciation, Loyalty, Love, Faith, and Selflessness. I never knew a book...even a fictional one, would have such a large effect towards me. It definitely taught me a load and I feel like I've grown a little just in the matter of a few weeks. I never understood those who could read books over and over again, but I think I can after reading The Fault in Our Stars

Me! =)

Bestie! =)

My Bestie and I watched The Fault in Our Stars, the movie, together a few days ago, and I think it was wonderfully composed. It's quite inevitable to fit all 300+ pages worth of info into a less than 2 hour film, but the movie was absolutely outstanding. It was easy to understand and definitely included all the important parts of the book to it! 

I had a blast reading this book, and if you're someone who would enjoy an inspirational life and love story, then this book is definitely for you! I would definitely recommend both the movie and book to everyone out there, but would recommend reading the book first because I think the movie would be extra meaningful and amazing if you knew the meaning behind it beforehand. =) 

Alrightie! Well that's it! I hope you guys enjoyed the blogpost and will officially be signing off for the night! =) Good Night! 


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